We are raising exceptional leaders through our organization; Bold Dynamic Rulers. The BDR vision focuses on life transformation which is brought about through quality leadership.

  We believe the decadence in the World is as a result of poor leadership and we are raising a generation of leaders that will create new frontiers and set new paces in bringing about positive transformation to the World.

  We are making the World a better place by reaching out to people and awaking the giant within them. BDR was founded on the basis of making exceptional leaders that will make today worth living and tomorrow worth looking up to.

  If people will rise and do what they are meant to, if they will give expression to the passion they have in their heart and be creative about the way they do things, then there will be a release of significance in the atmosphere of any community they find themselves.

  What the World needs are people who can lead themselves in such a way that it gives other people an edge to living worthwhile lives and an inspiration to make great things happen.

  If people will arise and birth the massive potential on their inside, they will not only be fulfilling their destinies but will also contribute to making the lives of other people better.

  Everyone has to be a leader, not just head of organizations or occupying positions. Self leadership is key to a better World.

  If a man can conquer himself as an individual,then he will surely be able to influence the World.

  We want to see leaders emerge in every sector. We want to have our leaders taking on governmental positions and leading effectively from there. We want to raise people that will go into different industries (entertainment, fashion, sport, media, ministry, etcetera) and do things that had never happened before they got there.
We are raising exceptional leaders.