I do not regret accepting to serve as the General Secretary for the NGO -Toluwanimi Oguntoye; BDR Gen. Sec.

Tell us about yourself!
My name's Toluwanimi Oguntoye.
I'm a graduate of Pharmacology from Olabisi Onabanjo University. I'm a Podcaster, Mental Health Advocate and I'm passionate about helping people.

Tell us about your educational background!
I attended Mayflower School for both my primary and secondary education.
And Olabisi Onabanjo University for tertiary education.

Tell us about Bold Dynamic Rulers International and you!
Bold Dynamic Rulers is a non governmental organization focused on raising exceptional leaders for the nation and for a better future.
BDR is committed to this by organizing events and seminars for  different age range.
It's a great privilege for me to serve as the General Secretary and it's been awesome I must say.

How did it all start?
Well, it started when I was in 200l. I became friends with the founder and he told me about the NGO and a program they wanted to hold at my ALMA MATER, after he got to know I finished from the school, he told me straight away I was going with the team.
Later, that year, we organized the biggest event for both our NGO and the school (OOU) and we were both going to different places to submit letters. He just told me I was in charge of the administrative work of the NGO.

As the Gen. Sec. of Bold Dynamic Rulers International what are your Roles and Obligation?
Like I mentioned earlier.
I'm to see to do the administrative work of the NGO, keep minutes of meetings and also the right hand man for the president, lol
We learnt you are mental coach, what really motivated you to become a mental coach?
I wouldn't really say mental coach for now. I'm just an advocate for Mental Health.
What motivated me was my struggle, at some point of my life, I battled with a mental health issue and I found my way out of it by finally speaking up to someone.
Lot of people struggle silently and don't feel the need to talk about it because they feel they will be judged and all.

As an advocate for mental health, what are the things you do?
I'm a volunteer  with Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI), one of the renowned Organization focused on rasing awareness on Mental Health and providing psycho social support for individuals battling mental health issues.
I also do my awareness on my social media platforms.
Lastly, I just launched a podcast and Mental Health is one of the focus for the show.

How have you been balancing  the stress of being an advocate for mental health, Bdr Gen. Sec and an exco at Asa Foundation?
Well, basically everything boils down to balance.
And you can't balance anything until you're aware of what you want to balance.
Being an advocate for mental health has really been helpful because I don't just want to tell people to do, I also want to do, I wanna walk the talk.
As to stress, I basically identify my stressors and come up with stress management tips that work for me.
I also take breaks when needed. I delegate when I need to as well.

How has the NGO helped in building your leadership capacity?
This is a big testimony.
I do not regret accepting to serve as the General Secretary for the NGO.
It's been helpful and amazing.
I've built team management skills to an extent because we keep learning and growing. And host of other skills, when I say I do not regret, trust me, I do not.

What Major challenges have you faced with the NGO and how were you able to overcome them?
The major challenge is finances. But we always have God come through for us. I can't explain how, really. It's been God.

With the challenges you have faced with the NGO, What kept you going?
God and the founder. The founder has this crazy faith that is beyond comprehension, lol.

Where do you see BDR in the next 10 years?
I see BDR impacting lives. Birthing youths who would be passionate about our dear country and take up leadership positions.

Of the many activities you do in the NGO which one is your favorite and why?
I actually do not have a favorite per se.
I enjoyed and still enjoy every bit of the activities I carry out for the NGO because they have shaped and still shaping my life.

Who is Oguntoye Toluwanimi outside BDR?
Toluwanimi is a smiler, a Podcaster, Mental Health Advocate, passionate about helping people and making impacts, open to learning etc.

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?
I see myself fulfilling God's mandate. I see myself impacting lives. I see my self helping people. I see myself being the reason behind people's existence. I see myself restoring hope to the hopeless. I see myself making people smile with me.
The Nimi Toye Show is really thriving. How do you feel?
I feel great. I've wanted to have a platform where I add value to the lives of people. Talking on the things I'm passionate about. It's like a dream come true and this is just little compared to what He's set to do in the future. This is just a means.

What are your major hobbies and what do you do best?
I read books, I love engaging in conversation that brings about mind repositioning, conversations that task my brain. I love listening to music, music is life. I love counseling. I love volunteering.

On the final note kindly tell us what you have for us?
I would just like to encourage the volunteers to keep up with the good work, walk the talk, we should be examples to people out there. For everything we want people to become, we should become it first.
And I want to also say thank you for choosing to serve in the NGO.

we will like to have your social media handles!
nimi_toye( IG & Twitter)
Toluwanimi Oguntoye ( Facebook
The Nimi Toye Show (Podcast name


  1. I would testify to the fact that the founder has this unquenchable faith. I am a testimony too.

    The encouragement got me. Hmm.

    Nimitoye show!! ❤❤

  2. Boluwatife Sofolabo1 August 2020 at 13:59

    "Toluwanimi is a smiler"
    A real smiler ooo
    One of the best I've found