Keeping Our Mental Health During This Lockdown Period

We're in a period where we're all trying to adjust and adapt to the new system because most of us are not used to the system of being mandated to stay at home.

It's so understandable. 

Whole lots of people have to come up with coping mechanisms  just  to cope and come out alive
So in the light of this, I would like to define mental health.

I want us to note that mental health is not the state of being ill
Mental health is basically brain health

It is about having a good state of well being

It's the health status as far as your mental well being is concerned

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well being

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act

It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices
How to handle your mental health in this period

1. If you're feeling stressed, you need to understand and identify whatever is stressing you - stressors
The thoughts of not going out (the fact that the lockdown has been partially eased, we still feel skeptical about our going out because we don't wanna contract the virus), the thoughts of having to keep up with group chats or chats, the thoughts of meeting up with deadlines, the thoughts of the Virus not ending anytime soon could be stressors.
We need to pay attention to our stressors so we can take charge of what is going on around us.
If you need to take a break from a group chat because it is stressing you, kindly do so by informing any of the admin.

If you need to extend deadline, kindly do so politely and if you wanna meet up at all cost, you could plan ahead, set a goal or set goals towards achieving that which you wanna do, and please do so at your pace.

2. Be careful of the information you consume
There are fake news flying round in the air, so we've to be careful of the information we consume.

If you are beginning to feel anxious or worried about the news or the escalating figures, please, try to take a break and go offline.

Try to get yourself occupied with anything that could shift your mind from the news.
You're in the position to control the things that you allow in and let out.
If at all you wanna be updated about the figures, you could focus on the recoveries.
I mean people are recovering. Covid-19 is not a death sentence.

Focus on the positives

3. It's understandable that this period could birth anxiety for whole lots of us.

You just notice you're worried and anxious .

It's very understandable.
Fear is real and it does exist
Fear is anticipating what is not real

What you can do when you find yourself in the state of anxiety is to first reposition your mind and re- align your focus by telling yourself or acknowledging that you're afraid, you don't need to shy away from it.
Then take a deep breath , exhale and inhale, try to check or see if what you're feeling is real.
I want us to note that whatever controls  your thoughts controls your feelings, whatever controls your feelings controls your decision making and whatever controls your decision making, controls your action

So you've to be sure if what you're feeling is real
In addition to this, you could do a confession, meditation, affirmation. Just do something to shift your attention away from what is happening.

4. Please do not put yourself under any pressure.
We've been hearing people talk about how it is important to learn a skill.
Please, do not be pressured to learn a skill.
If the only thing you can do is eat and sleep  to survive this period, trust me it's worth celebrating.
Please note that I'm not saying you should be idle or lazy if you know you can learn a skill.
I'm just saying you should not be pressured to learn a skill, to take a course.

If at all, you wanna learn something new or take a course, let it be that you've passion for it and you enjoy doing it
And note that you've to go at your pace.

Don't be pressured, I repeat, don't be pressured.

Lots of people don't know how to handle or work well under pressure. It's advisable you go at your pace
If the only thing you wanna do is sleep and rest, please keep resting and if you feel like you need to add weight, eat more, if you need to loose weight, you could start working out. 
If you need to dance dance, please do.

Just focus on things that would keep you alive and sane.

Many have died by suicide this period and it's so sad, really.

Pls, I'll advice we go at our pace and identify what works for us.

This period.
You can discover yourself if you need to.
Create time for you, understand you, know your strengths, your weaknesses, your gifts and you could start channelling all of these to something productive at least not to leave you idle.

Remember, no pressure, you're expected to do anything during this period at your pace.

📌 Your mental health is as important as your physical health

📌 You owe yourself to look after yourself

📌 You've the choice to control what you take in, you've the power within your capacity to choose what you read and watch this period

📌 Avoid conversations that would leave you bitter, don't allow toxicity get to you. If you need to block or unfollow someone, do so.

Make sure you seive whatever you take in.


Live in hope, be hopeful.

This is just a season and it's gonna pass.

Life is in stages and phases.

If you live without hope, you're gonna hinder yourself from doing your best.

Don't let your hope die.
Don't think in the life of now. Live in the mind that you're alive to live after this season.

Show love to people.

Be happy.

Call or keep up with friends and family.

No matter what you're experiencing now, it's just hinged to this season, it's not static or stagnant, it would pass.

There's nothing that has a beginning that doesn't have an end.

There's life after covid-19.

Show love to yourself, take good care of you, catch up with you, have a good sleep, eat healthy, your immunity is very expedient as well.

Always remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health.

If you feel you can't do all of these on your own and no matter how much you try, it's not just working and you feel the need to talk to a counselor during this period.
I would drop a link for you to fill so you can be assigned a counselor with Mentally AwareNG (MANI).

Speaking up is essential

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so take care of it like you'll do to your physical health

Written by;
OGUNTOYE Toluwanimi 
BDR Gen. Sec.

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