Having To Deal With The Founder is A Very Big Challenge! Ayo Can Be Very Stubborn... - Ogunyemi Adeyinka; BDR Co Founder.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Ogunyemi Ruth Adeyinka. I'm a graduate of Microbiology from Bowen University. I am from Ekiti State. I'm an entrepreneur and a fashion enthusiast. I am also the co founder of Bold Dynamic Rulers Int’l.

Tell us about your educational background.

I had my first school leaving certificate from True Vine Redeemers Int’l school in 2008 and my Senior School certificate from The Federal Polytechnic Staff College, Ilaro, Ogun State in 2014.
I have a BSc in Microbiology from Bowen University.

Tell us about Bold Dynamic Rulers Int'l and you. How did it all start?

Okay, if I can really remember, I think it was in May 2014, I was in high school with the founder. 
 He was the senior prefect (boy) of our school then and BDR was basically from the transition of that leadership experience. 
He kept talking about it, and being his best female friend as at that time, I heard a lot of it. I just had to buy into the vision. 
We printed our first publication in August of the same year and that was the beginning of BDR.

As the Co-Founder of Bold Dynamic Rulers Int’l, what are your Roles and Obligations?

As the office implies, I assist the founder in the coordination of volunteers in the NGO. I also work with other executives to foster the growth of the NGO and always see to it that every event is a success.

How were you able to balance school stress with the running of the NGO?

I was quite limited in being physically present at events and meetings because of the fact that I was at a private university but I have an awesome team and they helped with keeping me very informed about happenings in the NGO and I really appreciate them for that. So coping with school wasn't really hard...
I love you my team members!

How has the NGO helped in building your leadership capacity?

BDR has really done a lot in my leadership growth. Being a very shy person, I'd prefer keeping to myself but BDR has helped push me out of that comfort zone.

What major challenges have you faced with the NGO and how were you able to overcome it?

Hmmmm... Challenges!!!
First of, not always physically being around for events was a challenge! I didn't like having to miss an event or project we've all worked hard on!
Secondly, FINANCES!!!
We do not have sponsors, so we always had to finance events by ourselves, and doing so was a really big challenge for us because most of us were students but God has been faithful and comes through for us every time! (Smiles). 
You won't believe this but having to deal with the founder is a very big challenge! Ayo can be very stubborn and can easily be tensed when things aren't going very well. I always have to advice and help him out of that mood... that's a part of my job description anyways...(Well, that's on a lighter note...)

What is your relationship with the founder, Ayo Raphael?

Ayo Raphael is my very good friend.

You both were young when you started, what kept you going in spite of your age?

We had role models to look up to, especially the founder (always talking about his role model 🙄). Also, we were very prayerful. We were young but we understood very early that being focused and determined works and that was our watchword. We always said, there was no going back!!!
It has not really been easy but, here we are today.

Where do you see BDR in the next 10 years?

In 10 years, BDR would have been an household name all over the country and we hope to have influenced more people internationally. We also hope to have raised as many Nation builders as possible.

Have you had any major sponsor or donor since you started?

Sponsors? No! The team has been the major sponsor but donors? Yes! From our family and friends. And also like I mentioned earlier, God has been faithful.
Of the many activities you do in the NGO, which one is your favorite and why?
It's actually all, because all are very important but if I'd say for one, I think the Student Leadership Congress! It's the biggest and of course we do have big names present.

Who is Ogunyemi Ruth Adeyinka outside BDR?

Hmmmm... Adeyinka is a budding entrepreneur who specializes basically in the importation of fashion items. I really don't like public attention (being in the spot light) I prefer to work at the background. I am easy going and also a growing leader. I know I can be very shy but I'm pretty jovial and very friendly ( a trait that my close friends will agree to)

What are your major hobbies and what do you do best?

Hobbies? I like visiting new places, meeting new people, dancing, and counseling.
What are your plans for the future?
Plans for the future... Well, further my education, be an established entrepreneur, start my family and be happy.

On the final note, kindly tell us what you have for us.

I'd like to thank all the volunteers for the great work they have been doing. You guys have really been AMAZING! And also to anyone who wants to be part of us, you are welcome. Come be a part of young Nation Builders who are birthing a good Nation for us.
 We will love to have your social media handles!
Instagram @adeyinka__
Twitter @Adeyiinkaa


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