A peep into the Nation Builders' hub; Bold Dynamic Rulers Int'l.

Bold Dynamic Rulers Int'l is a leadership for positive change initiative saddled with the responsibility of raising exceptional leaders for a better future.

Founded August 2nd, 2014 by Babatunde Ayo Raphael and Ogunyemi Adeyinka. BDR is in the business of making Nigeria a Nation of our dreams through practical orientation of young people with the hope that the future is bright with the ones that see the need to birth the future...


There's no denial in the truth that good leadership is the backbone of any common goal that succeeds... The BDR vision focuses on life transformation that is brought about through quality leadership.

In BDR, we believe that the decadence in the world is as a result of poor leadership and we are raising a generation of leaders that will create new frontiers and set new paces in bringing about positive transformation to the world.


We are making the world a better place by reaching out to people and awaking the giant within them. BDR was founded on the basis of raising exceptional leaders that will make today worth living and tomorrow worth looking up to.
We believe that if people arise and birth the massive potential on their inside, they will not only be fulfilling their destinies but will also contribute to making the lives of other people better.
Everyone has to be a leader, not just head of organizations or occupying positions. "Self leadership is key to a better world"

What we stand to achieve

We want to see leaders emerge in every sector and then see these leaders take up governmental positions and lead effectively from there.
We want to raise people that will go into different industries (entertainment, fashion, sports, media , ministry, etc) and do things that had never happened before they got there.

We not just hoping to raise leaders, we are raising exceptional Leaders... THAT IS OUR VISION!

How do we achieve these?

1. Go to schools and other gatherings, helping students discover the inherent leader in them.
2. Organize programs, seminars, conferences and also implement societal project for the benefit of all.
3. Preach the need for true leadership through the internet and other social media platforms.
4. Print fliers, books and magazines. Through our publications, we preach the need for good governance, teach leadership and educate people on how they could lead better and effective lives.
5. Encourage young adults to contribute positively and make impact wherever they go!
Some of the practical measures put in place to achieve these plans are:
1.) Building A Generation (BAG) Seminar:
This is the first strategy we adopted in BDR. Reaching out to secondary schools and inspiring them to believe in this Nation, making them know that if they become better in all their endeavors, it would tell on the Nation positively.

Snippet Of Past BAG Seminar

2.) Young Leaders Summit (YLS)
This is an extension of the BAG seminar. But this is basically for the prefects and is aimed at imbibing them with leadership virtues which will enable them to lead themselves and their school well. About 200 prefects from eight schools were present at the last YLS (pictures below)

3.) Vibrant Leaders Conference (VLC)
Though on hold at the moment but will resume later this year (2020). The VLC is the motivation and business part of BDR events in the sense that we brew youths into becoming better in their businesses. It is the only event where we bring motivators and business experts to share some motivations with us.

4.) Student Leadership Congress (SLC)
This is biggest of all our events. The one we over stretch ourselves. This is the National Student Leadership Congress. The only big event that tells the exact BDR vision in a large scale. The first of its kind was in 2017 and had continued since then. The event aims at reshaping students mindsets about our dear country, Nigeria.

SLC 2018

SLC 2019

SLC 2017

5.) Webinars
We also hold online seminars. The world is revolving, so are we...
Basically, that's all we have been up to since 2014.

BDR is not a religious NGO, any religion is accepted. But the founders are Christians so some times, they portray beliefs gotten from their faith, that doesn't in any way affect other members who are not. BDR is one and for all. Being a part of us means you're joining the league of game changers who use their minds and money and time to serve.

Our faith lies in the truth that through us, Nigeria can and will be a better place to live in!!!


  1. Okay... in my own little way, ipl like to share an experience based on the books and places I've been to which can inspire some young ones especially those who are still in school to stand to their feet and know that they have so many things to fight for and to fight against and all we need is in us. Good job brother

  2. The BDR hub has been tremendously amazing as I have witnessed the growth over the years. Keep up the good work in raising leaders that will shape our dear country.

  3. Together we can achieve more... Building Tomorrow's Leaders today.

  4. Oops👍!!!
    This is a very good work God has helped u do bruh and always thank him for that...
    Have heard alot about BDR and have witnessed 2years of SLC, fantabulous is an understatement trust me...
    All I ask God 4 on your behalf is, may u never be weary dah u say u wanna opt out🙏
    Keep up the good works, its really helping..

  5. You're doing well... I hope to close some huge deals with you...